Changing Gears are five guys engaged in a vainglorious attempt to strip music of its lofty pretensions and just play. They feature a blonde one, a tall one, two bald ones and a small one they play cosmic-pop-punk that gives you a pleasant punch in the gut.

Currently the band reside in dusty factory on Dublin’s east wall, which has been repurposed as a dank studio to assist in their pursuit of making a minor, almost imperceptible, imprint on music culture.

They have played shows in all manner of venues, from salubrious to ramshackle, which has often led to polite applause and sometimes even genuine interest. Nevertheless, thinking it morally wrong to deny audiences a chance to hear their clanking keys and whirring guitars and laud them appropriately, they present to you, their new video, Hold on Tight, in their own unique style…

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