Old Estonia – Nobody Watches

Nobody Watches unfinished…

Nobody wins, how we placed our feet!
Steady once, now replace the selfless deed
Save your handshakes for after hours
And whiskey sours
A body weighed down still floats in the sea
He was sick from the bug that loves company

Now you’re wasting your final hours
Something something something

Nobody watches, but everybody sees
The cross that holds your feet
A body weighed down is dragged to its feet
Cross that hides your wings
The silent army, so hard to defeat
Took em on once, they dragged me
Down to my knees

Old Estonia – Crooked Style

Crooked Style

Well you said it yourself, you can’t be alone
A manic depressive, out of control
The consequence, the college dream
Of makeshift love that isn’t for real
So made a crib for your crooked style
Where we can meet and pass the time
Last in line but I’ll find a way
I can’t see you, not today

Why did you protect her from her own company
Or did she deflect you from your own misery
I know you’re out there killing time

Any minute now, lose control
And forget all I used to know
Kiss me quick before you leave
Forget all I used to be

Don’t give up, it’s not time yet
There’s New Moon rising, Five Leaves Left
Safe inside this calamity of my own making,
Follow me

Old Gold early version

C, G, F
Throw away my wallet
Cause there’s never anything in it
Throw it out the window
See how far my money will go

C, G, F,…….
And it feels like
I’m wasting all my time
Try to smile
I don’t want to use you like I used the rest
Try to smile but it’s just a regret

Are you coming out today
Are you going to come on over
Sometimes I feel like old gold
People learning more than I’ll ever know