Pre Mix of forthcoming EP

Here are some premixes from our forthcoming Ep which we have been recording with the help of the very talented Paul Woodward out in Woodward studio’s. Have a listen and please let us know and let us know what you think ?

Lucky Man Mix 1.wav ChangingGears by ChangingGears

When your around – ChangingGears EP by ChangingGears

Lucky Man Mix 3.wav ChangingGears by ChangingGears

Lucky Man Mix 2 .wav ChangingGears by ChangingGears

Thanks to Sunday Roast

Thanks to Keiron, John and Ed on the sound and all the other bands from the Sunday Roast.The Sunday Roast is a great weekly music night that happens in the Mercantile each Sunday eve. It is free in and is a deadly night if you are looking for some lovely roast spuds and amazing live music.Thanks very much for having us:)

Don’t You Wish Sunday Roast by ChangingGears

The End by ChangingGears

Almost In Love by ChangingGears

Luckiest Man by ChangingGears